Same But Different

One thinks it’s awesome to draw a gigantic drop of blood for the meter.

One jabs the needle in, one does the long slow gentle ever so precisely push of the needle.

One can do mental math quickly to move on to the shot, but is left in the dust by the old pro’s wake because of the long slow gentle every so precisely push of the needle.

One changes needle tips regularly. Both forget to throw away supplies.

One freaks out over a slight low or high. The other…eh…

One leaves their test kit at home….still…after 12 years.

One wears a medical bracelet all the time. One only half the time.

They both compete with each other on blood sugar and A1C numbers.

They both know how to use the glucagon kit.

The both know their freedom is tied to their level of responsibility.

They both look out for each other (well, if it’s a good day and they are in good moods and the moon is just a sliver in the night sky).

They both are funny smarty pants who keep me on my toes.

But they are MY funny smarty pants….who keep me on my toes.


I coudn’t agree more Renata…beautifully written =)