San Diego JDRF Walk - Event Pics and Videos :)

Yesterday was yet another picture perfect day in San Diego for the Walk. Thanks to all who came out to the beautiful campus of UCSD and supported the cause.

-Before I begin any rigorous activity, I make sure to warm up in the moonbounce

-Free drinks?...oh heck yeah!

-Good information was everywhere as expected

-Barney shows some love for JDRF

-Barney shows some love for the young ladies

-Elmo looks confused as he struggles with hypoglycemia

-Local media was there as well…

-Halfway point and we were greeted by the UCSD Pep Band. I was lucky enough to catch a magical rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” I thought I was done for sure, but they gave me the strength to go on…

-Power in numbers

-Helpful volunteers were at every corner

...OK so here is the final stretch. Brace yourself if your not used to high intensity...this is pretty exciting stuff

So that's that. Good energy, plenty of good food and coffee to go around. I love this event every time...

Make sure you’ve signed up for your local walk if you still have a chance.

I didn’t realize you were in the San Diego area! I was in San Diego for an event at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute only a week ago! It looks like you had standard glorious SD weather. I really need to move…

Aww shucks I would have loved to meet you in person Lee Ann. Yes you should move to San Diego my dear…no matter how crappy the economy gets, the year round sunshine is always free :slight_smile:

ahh I wish I went to this one! I went to the one the day before! in point loma =[[