Please folks, be careful! Take out those candles and flashlights so you don't have to fumble in the dark... meds/insulin as well.

We're in the path of the eye here in N DE. Obviously, so far still have elec ;) I've made 3 thermoses of coffee - it ain't pretty when I don't have coffee LOL. If that runs out someone will have to stand outside in 70 mph winds boiling water on the grill ;)

Hope everyone keeps safe, you guys are all important to me. Oh... and don't forget, getting all the lawn furniture and stuff from outside, in, counts as a BBT!

Yes, stay safe right-coasters! What's BBT?

BBT = Big Blue Test ;)

I knew I'd seen those initials somewhere before. Usually I can guess acronyms by context!

LOL Zoe, it is a guessing game sometimes ;)