Sanofi collaboration activate challenge july 2012

Howdy all,
Sanofi has an interesting challenge:

My suggestion is an open source, open hardware, IP-free glucometer.
The glucometer would be based on open source tools, accepted and vetted for safety. The documentation generated during the open development would be submitted as part of the 510k documentation for Sanofi to market the device, and easily allow them to get features back from the community.
Using open source technology, we could provide ways for users to make the meter communicate with insulin pumps, since this is a trivial modification.

This can only be done if the user is put in control of enabling this feature using open source technology. Without using these open methods, Sanofi cannot sell such a device due to licensing restrictions.
With my beaglebone and open-embedded tools, it's almost, but not quite
a one person job.


All of this would actually be overkill for such a simple device, but
hopefully illustrates that this is within grasp.