Sanofi ending its Afrezza partnership with Mannkind


I think it’s still possible to get an Apidra savings card. I can not use it because my insurance forces me to buy mail-order. I agree that Afrezza is priced too high.


Interesting that I started receiving Aferzza ads (via Twitter) from Sanofi today for the first time…


That’s interesting. Is this the tweet you received:


Yeas, that’s it. First time I’ve seen it - usually I only get random “health information” from them (ones that usually point to Apidra or Lantus, of course). I wonder why they’re doing this now?


I do think price was too high, but I don’t think it was the primary issue— there seemed to be little effort to negotiate with insurers to cover it or educate providers about its benefits, or even to just generally increase awareness to the desired audience that it even existed… That and all the fuss over spirometry is just bizarre to me, the sanofi reps could have very easily just handed out inexpensive fev1 spirometers to every practitioner in the county and showed them how to measure fev1 in less than a minute---- all those things are based on the assumption that sanofi actually wanted the product to succeed-- which I see no real evidence of.


Is this their idea of a sick joke? Sanofi is being a total effing walnut!


Lol perhaps they’re fulfilling their contractual obligation to advertise…


Interestingly, aside from the twitter post for Afrezza today, I received an email from Sanofi advertising Toujeo. I wonder why Afrezza advertising was delegated to twitter and Toujeo went via email?

On the other hand, in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune there was an editorial about the next big conspiracy:



Hi all, Just wonder if you guys have the same problem that I am facing…During the last 2 months I am not able to find Afrezza in the South Florida area (this has notting to do with Irma’s hurricane that recently hit us) . According to my pharmacist Afrezza is no longer available on the market but when I go to google I cant find any information in regards this.

Thanks for your input


Most likely this is due to the pharmacy is searching for the old SKU. Mannkind has changed its packaging for Afrezza a few times and therefore its SKU has also changed several times. And most of the old packages and their related SKU have now been discontinued.


The wholesalers can order it and receive it within a day. There are no out of stock it’s really a matter of the pharmacy calling their wholesaler.


You should suggest to your pharmacist to google afrezza fda label update
An entire list like this will return

It was announced on Monday the FDA approved updates to the afrezza label which sets it in a class by itself as being fastest in and out with numbers which mimic first phase pancreatic release. No other RAA comes close and at the same time afrezza is the same insulin molecule naturally secreted by the pancreas.

Many PWDs using afrezza have said on social media for years how fast afrezza was and hypos were greatly reduced but it was not on the original label. Now it is. Your pharmacist may be interested in hearing the news. Before that he/she should place the order to get it in stock. It looks like its going to be a hot item.


Not all type 2 diabetics are insulin resistant