Santiago With Lows and Now, 1.5 hours after b-fast, with 144

He woke up with 75 this morning: he has not been diagnosed with diabetes, but this freaked us out a bit.

He had his regular everyday breakfast (a bowl of Fruit Cheerios with milk and a glass of OJ). I just tested him (1.5 hours after he ate) and he now has 144.

I almost wish he’s got an infection of some kind that could be causing this, but then how to explain the morning low?

75 is not low for a normal kid.

In my oppinion, 75 is not low. I just checked my youngest last night and he was 73…and 144 isn’t necessarily high. You would have to see much higher numbers to be in trouble with him. Chill, everything is fine! :slight_smile:

Oh, and one more thing…every parent dealing with D in their life, goes through this. Sending hugs your way!

I agree 75 is not too low: I believe normal fasting rates are between 75-80. 144 at one and a half hours after eating IS high, but as you said, he could be coming down with an infection. I would keep an eye on his BG over the next few days. A lot of people mistakenly believe that regular folks routinely go that high after eating. They do, but only for a matter of a few minutes, so remaining high for over an hour is a bit of a red flag. Let us know how this turns out.

Thanks for the replies!! We are concerned because when he woke up this morning he thought he was going to throw up (he was probably feeling the symptoms of a low BG?) but he didn’t… that raised a red flag. Plus Andreina was concerned too that he fell asleep last night in a very odd way: he normally doesn’t sleep “like a rock” like he did.

We see parents concerned all the time on forum. It is a concern we all have. Feel free to join us for support. I would say that you are already ahead of the game in that you know to look for. I am sure everything is fine.

First, a (((big hug))) to you. I’ve been there. Worrying that something might be wrong with your child is tough.

I agree with everyone else. 75 is not low for a non-d child. Also, 144 1.5 hours after eating might be a little high but it’s not way too high.

Also, has he been very thirsty lately? Is he urinating more frequently? Has he lost any weight? You know all of these signs already but I’m just trying to point out that one sugar of 144 by itself is probably nothing. If you couple that with a few more symptoms then you may have reason to start worrying.

Let us know how everything goes.

Manny, I am so sorry. I know how troubled you must be. There are a lot of reasons for irratic blood sugars in children but generally hypoglycemia is fairly uncommmon in children unless there is a medical problem. But it is not the 75 (which would still be considered in a normal" range anyhow) but the 144 post prandial that your doctor may focus on.

Lows in kids can come from both reactive hypoglycemia and fasting hypoglycemia and are unrelated to diabetes but neither one can be diganosed from using a home meter (and again, 75 is not low). I would suggest checking his blood sugars tonight somewhere around or just after 3 a.m. – this is the most telling of all blood sugar readings when trying to understand morning lows and highs.

Forgive me if I recall incorrectly, but you do not have juvenile type 1, but probably LADA? You don’t fit the pattern for type 2 or for type 1. If this is true, Santiago, even if genetically predispositioned to LADA would be too young to begin showing symptoms now. If you are really concerned, ask for a C-peptide test to see what’s going on with the little guy’s pancreas. If you do end up getting and lab work (blood draws) I also highly recommend (to put your mind at ease) if they test blood sugars to also test insulin levels at the same time. Blood sugar readings alone really mean very little (unless someone is over 200 mg/dL then you know insulin is not being produced or used effectively).

Last month the American Diabetes Association completely changed their published standards of what normal blood sugars are and when and how diabetes should be diagnosed. The new ADA standards would classify Santiago in “early diabetes” if he was having post prandial sugars (at 2 hours) that high (their standard for concern is 140 or higher) or a fasting BS over 100 mg/dL (between 100-125).

Please keep us posted. I will keep your family close in prayer.

Just tested him again: 67… :S

Treated with OJ.

Remember 70-120 is normal range for a non-D. Most everyone experiences high spikes after breakfast. Also if you look at the 20% the meter could be off that 140 could be a 112.
I understand your fear, having D, and it possibly effecting your child.
I’d watch him, you know the signs, but I think your okay. I’m sorry if this doesn’t sound very reassuring to you, probably nothing is, but I’ll be thinking of you!

Some decent info on hypo in children both with D and non-D.

Also, FYI the National Institutes of Health recommends any readings below 70 is hypoglycemia in children with OR without diabetes that should be immediately treated (as you did) with fast sugars. Also, they recommend regardless of meter if there are symptoms (sweating, shakey, tummy and head aches, etc. – you know the signs) that you treat according to the signs and not the meter.

Meters are inaccurate. We have a diabetes service dog (actually, we have two dogs that alert to blood sugars now). I cannot tell you how many times Alex, my daughter’s service dog has caught lows before the meter. i.e., dog alerts I check Elizabeth (age 8, type 1). She’s still over 100 but the dog insists she is low so I treat her with 15 grams fast sugars anyhow. Recheck 15-20 minutes later and even with those carbs I will ALWAYS find her below 100. The dogs mells changes before our meter can pick them up. I have never seen this with highs but do know meters do show higher than actual at times.

I am not an alarmist but I am also not going to tell you all is okay. But I will say you are clearly on top of things and paying attention so if there is anything going on, you will quickly figure it out and do the right thing for your son. With your attentive care, he will be safe.

Thanks so very much for all the info, Lahle.

We are going to take him on Monday to Stanford (now that happens to be next door) for a blood draw, as he was part of the TrialNet program in Florida (we had him screened for antibodies for well over two years through the University of Florida).

We will keep a very close eye on him. He seems very happy now (singing and dancing to the music of the Wizard of Oz!) but stilll… gotta be watchful!

Just to add reassurance I agree that 75 is perfectly fine, it’s normal. Also, he had a very high carb, simple sugar breakfast, so a 144 1.5 hours after eating is pretty darned good, considering.

I honestly think you have nothing to worry about.

It’s scary when you are thinking your child might be showing signs of diabetes. My gut is telling me it’s nothing because there are not “other” symptoms. My son was drinking gallons of liquid every day and lost weight (of course we didn’t know what we were looking at) - but it is good you are getting it checked out.

My thoughts are with you as I know you must be worried. From one parent to another…

Andreina just called me (I an in NYC tonight and until tomorrow): she tested Santiago a while ago and he was at 250! :frowning:

We’re taking him to Stanford tomorrow, as part of the Panda/TrialNet program. They will do bloodwork and I am hoping they can direct us either to an internal peditric endo or someone outside…

Honestly, I don’t have a good gut feeling about this now. :S

Oh Manny :frowning: I’m holding your hand in spirit. I hope everything works out for the best.

Did Andreina double check? Are his hands clean? I am sure you already thought of these things, but just wanted to be sure. I will say a prayer for your family tonight. I hope it is nothing.

I asked her that. She didn’t have another test strip in hand (I wasn’t home and the backup meter was the one she was using). She went to the pharmacy and got more strips and when she tested him again, he had 80.

I am hoping it was a dirty hands or bad reading snafu.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

Breaks my heart, I hope and pray it is just a fluke. Keep us posted. Diabetes is not fair.

I have tested my BIL a few times and he spikes and he is not diabetic as yet, but I know his bgs fluctuate a lot, Some people who are not diabetic have to be careful with there carb intake as well.

I think I read on Diabetes Mine a guy who is nondiabetic and wearing the CGM and he had a few high readings