Saved by co-worker today

Let's just say I almost blew it today. To start with I awoke this morning high at 159. I am not a breakfast eater and I usually only inject Levemir in the morning but this morning I took a correction of Novolog with the intention of grabbing a quick snack before leaving the house in case I over corrected. Guess who forgot the snack and guess who over corrected.

Late in the morning I was on a jobsite with three co-workers when I started feeling low. I carry glucose tabs in my work truck for just such an occasion but I was not in my truck and I began to panic. I was feeling early warning signs and knew I would be in trouble soon. I did not want them to see me when my low really set in.

I was lucky one of my co-worker came over and started a conservation. During our idle chat he made mention of lunch plans and I immediately said I hope we eat soon because I was feeling a little shaky. I don't know if he sensed my panic but he reached in his pocket and tossed me a piece of hard candy. I don't know if he realizes that he saved my bacon but I sure was grateful.

I guess this goes to show that you can never be to careful.

Gary S

Glad it all worked out. I carry around with me a baggy of jelly belly jelly beans. I usually keep them in my purse, not that that would help you, but maybe you can pack a small sandwhich bag of jelly beans and carry them around in your pants pocket or something. They have saved my butt a time or two.

Everyday is another diabetic adventure between life and death. FWIW I was 33 at work last week. Somehow I continued working while shoveling sugar down my throat. I'll take lows any day over highs.