Savings Alert- Test Strips

I am currently without insurance until November and my test strips (100 ct) were going to cost $96. I bought the Rite Aid generic version True Track meter and 100 ct test strips and the total bill came to $51, with the test strips being $40 and the mail in rebate for the meter itself . Now it sounds almost too good to be true and you are probably wondering about the accuracy right?

my freestyle told me I was at 130
the True Track told me 134
The difference is very small :slight_smile:

Hopes this helps!

Hi Sarah. I have some one touch strips that I would be more than happy to send you. Can you use these? I think about 100. Let me know.

thank you for the offer but I can afford the test strips right now and my health insurance kicks in on the 1st, so I can get strips starting soon after that.

but thank you very much for offering.

You are welcome Sarah. Not long before your ins kicks in and that is great. Take care.

Good to know–thanks!

Wonder who makes the generic Rite Aid brand.