Say a little prayer for the Aussie Flood victims

Just spare a moment for these guys in your thoughts

i am 6 hours by air or 3 days by car, away from the site (Queensland). I am in Melbourne

This without clicking on the link you provided and watching a bit of TV news: …if we look at the size of the flooding area to make it real : size of France and Germany are covered …Brisbane , 2 million people have to evacuate …I think I read the equivalent size of my province , BC would be under water …Aussie Michael …you need BIG prayers !!

thanks nel

Yeah, geech what a Mess Down there…
Been thru a major Flood Myself many yrs ago, had to use a Rubber Raft to get out of the Apt. and out to the street…and you loose everything ! ( I only had the Wet Clothes On my Back left)

thoughts and prayers of course…

Butt, you people are very strong and defiant… You’ll get thru this , as you have in past disasters…

looks like it may still get worse before it gets better


Prayers are sent. Now, how will the world respond to the aftermath? With equal proportion I hope to last year’s global tragedies.

thanks tim.
as i write they are awaiting a next ‘wave/wall’ of water in the next few hours which may cause further devastation…

Definitely been praying!!

best of luck

We’ve been praying for you Aussies for some time especially for the poor Ones who are lost. We couldn’t believe how many People were flooded out and how widespread it is. We are Very sorry to see this happen to you’s Wonderful People. :frowning:

thanks for the support.
i heard Lance Armstrong just flew in (to another unaffected part of australia).
he has organised a charity bikeride via his website, and he personally donated $50,000.

In response to Tim above: i think just like in all those crazy hollywood films, we can ‘never’ understimate the generosity of the human spirit and its power.

thanks all for your concern

YW! That was Great of Mr. Armstrong. We were wondering the same as Tim. We haven’t heard anything yet about donating to the Australian disaster. Maybe I should phone up the news station tomorrow. They’d know. We’d be Happy to make a donation.

Aussies are close to my heart. Enjoyed them completely on our bus tours of Europe and Turkey. Including Gallipoli were it was far worst a hundred years ago, you would not believe that the Pommies could have organized this because of the terrain making it absolutely hopeless. . a robust nation they will recover.

Sending good thoughts for recovery from the devastation to our Aussie brothers & sisters.


Australia hasn’t accepted any Aid yet but probably and hopefully they will soon.

i have been praying for them. i have friends that live in florida, but theyre originally from Queensland.