Saying goodbye to Lantus

This morning was weird. As I was drawing up my last daily dose of Lantus, I felt as if I was saying good-bye to an old friend. Or maybe I should call it a partner. For the past ten years of my 38 years with Type 1, I have used Lantus. I remember the day when the Doctor said to try this new insulin. The Dr. referred to it as a injectable type of pump. A basal insulin. He explained the long acting vs. short acting and so on....... Lantus has served me well. Prior to Lantus I was 70/30 and before that was NPH. I did not like those friends so much. They were like roller coasters. Wow things have changed over the years.

A new adventure is about to start with my Diabetes. I go live with insulin with my "new friend" the insulin pump in the morning. April 27, 2010 is going to be a new day for me. Am I scared, nervous, anxious, freaking a little? You betcha I am. The same way that felt when I started with my old friend Lantus.

I realize that we sometimes need to have are old friends around us to support us. And I know that it will be as close as the Butter Compartment. Thank You Lantus for being a good friend, partner.

Ahh the Butter Compartment is where my Humalog partner stays as well (yes, I’m a pumper!) Funny, I still have the old NPH vial from my last pregnancy (baby is 17 yrs old now, but for some reason I’m sentimental about that old friend.) LOL. Good luck with the pump; great freedom but I’ll say that I didn’t get that magical control that I thought would come so easily. It takes work. I wish you all the best!

i was ready to ditch the lantus right away, it never helped me because i could never figure it out. So i happened to skip two doses(because of mixed up schedule), knew my pump was coming, and wham bam i started the omnipod. I’m loving it so far :slight_smile:

Hi: :slight_smile:

Drawing up my last shot of Lantus would feel weird for me also. Wow! You’ve been on it for a long time. I’ve only been on it since Nov./2006. It works Good for me so I’m Happy with my Friend. LOL! I still have my last bottle of Lente in the fridge. I was never on NPH that I recall.

I wish you a Very Successful ride with your new Friend. What are you naming it? Let us know how you progress. I’m Glad that there are many Pumpers here to help you. Good Luck!

Keep a Lantus vial handy just in case you need to take a short pump vacation either because your pump malfunctioned and you need to wait until the new one arrives or whatever reason.

WoW! Yes, when I got my notice of switching from Lantus to Novolog for my new insulin pump I was not a very happy camper cause I just refilled a 3 month supply of it, and guess what when my new Novolog showed up, I had to pack, (yes), 22 bottles of my Lantus away deap in my fridge for someone else to use. So, just yesterday I found out my father-in-law used Lantus, so when I gave them to him, he was like a kid at Christmas Time with a new present. I’m so glad I switched to the pump cause I’ve always had a problem with my schedule and different times when I eat something that my Lantus wasn’t working very well, I was using Lantus for about 4yrs. Been on insulin since 1985. So I had a total of up to 5 shots a day, 2 for Lantus morning & night maybe 3 shots of Novolog Pen Fil after each meal, if I eat 3 meals a day. Now I got the 722 insulin pump, and it holds 300 units and since my dose was cut down about 20% I don’t need to change it for 3 days. WoW, now that’s something, from up to 5 times a day, to one time every 3 days and I hope your enjoying it as much as I am cause it really makes a difference in your every day life style. Good Luck Big Time!

Lantus and I are on a love hate relationship. I loved it when I was not on my pump but it tended to stay in my body a little longer then it was posed to so I had low lows because of it. then went on the pump was so happy to get rid of it I thought but when my pump broke on a sat I had to wait till mon for the new one to arrive so I had to be on lantus for two days then this was my fault because when I take lantus I do it twice a day splitting up the dose and so on mon I took the lantus and my pump got there at like 10 am I didn’t think about the lantus I took and hooked up my pump right away and of course with 2 basals at once you are going to be low! so I had a over night visit to the hospital till lantus got out of my system and pump was put back on to ensure no more lows. so I love it and hate it.

good for you :slight_smile:
I’m ready to dump lantus,but it seems like lantus can’t get over me :slight_smile:

Haha! I said goodbye to my Lantus about a year ago. I was SO ready to say goodbye! I took Lantus every night for years at 10pm. Nearly every night, I’d be tired, and SO annoyed that I had to shoot it up. Funny though, still every now and again, around 10 o’clock, or later, I think “oh no, I forgot my lantus!” and have a small panic for a split second. Then I remember, and LOVE it :slight_smile: Enjoy your pump and the freedom!!

I hope to be joining you soon. I can’t wait to say goodbye to my “friend”. Although I am happy he was with me all these years. Maybe it is my “friend” the needle I hate the most. Wish my Dr. would hurry up and fill out that darn medical necessity form.


I have not discover a name for my new friend yet. I will introduce you when I find it. Ha Ha

Thanks for the suggestion. For the other boxes I will probably be giving them to a friend in need who is going thru some hard times.

This is my first day on the pump. I have been having some problems with lows. I feel like a junkie that is trying to go thru withdrawal. I DO NOT DO DRUGS! JUST GIVING AN EXAMPLE OF THE TRANSITION.

It can take a few months before some Pumpers get it right, so as not to experience the way highs and lows. It takes a lot of tweaking and patience. Some never get it right and give up. Most work it out though. Make sure you ask the People on the Pumpers forum here for help along with your own Healthteam. Give it your Best shot.

Medtronic 723. I felt that i read everything possible on both Animas and Medtronic. You ask why? they have a cgms all in one system. I am not on the cgms yet. I just did not want another attachment.

Congrats on pumping. Lantus is so much better than previous insulins and pumping is so much better than Lantus!

hey we are all insulin addicts here, and i say openly that i have to go shoot up and that i’m probably higher then most stoners. LOL

annoy them, it can work

omnipod- tubeless got me