Hi can anyone recommend a good scale?

Carbs in grams ratio please

Maybe somewhere in Canada I can purchase it.


Try Amazon Marketplace. I am sure they have loads of choice. I bought a Salter from there and it is good quality and easy to use.

I have used the EatSmart for several years. I’m quite happy with it. It indicates carbs (among other things) in grams. Not sure what you mean by “ratio”.

Most scales that I have seen are easily switchable via one button from ounces to grams.

If you want carb information, that would involve a food database integrated with the scale. I actually find that not so easy to use and realistically not worth it. My suggestion is use the scale to weigh the food. Use the (food) nutional information label or internet to look up how many carbs per ounce/gram of a given food.

It’s a matter of personal preference. The EatSmart has a fairly extensive builtin database and I find it very easy to use. The only truly difficult situation is when you have a dish consisting of multiple ingredients that for one reason or another can’t be weighed individually, but I don’t think there’s any scale anywhere that can cope with that.

I use a small postal scale. It’s cheap and sturdy and I just my phone to look up items I don’t know by heart.

I just have a cheap scale that I got from Amazon and here is a link to get it at It has a Tare function (to reset to zero after weighing plate or each ingredient) and allows you to measure in grams, ounces, pounds, etc.

I personally have never wanted a fancy scale with a built-in food data base. I tend to weigh the same things over and over again and know the carb factors. Or I use the info on the food package or an Internet food database (Calorie King). Actually you can just enter “Carbs in Blueberries” and Google will give you the information with variable quantities.

I would suggest a physical scale. That is, a non-electronic one. I’ve had nothing but grief from electronic ones. Once I scored my brother’s old scale, life was good. And no more batteries. I would go to a Goodwill or pawn shop to find one (or ask someone’s grandparent). I have no idea about good current scales.

Again, everyone’s experience is their own. I have been using an electronic “smart” scale for close to 5 years now without a hint of a whisper of an inkling of a suggestion of a problem.

Same here - I went back to using a non-electronic scale I’ve had for years.

Maybe you could try REIDEA digital food scale, accurate and easy to carry.