Scar Tissue -> High Sugars

I've only been on the pump about 2 years, but recently my sugars have gone up to about 200-250 in the mornings 2 days after changing my infusion sets. At first I thought it was just a morning increase, so I adjusted my basal, but then it has been getting worse. I used to consistently change on Thursdays and Sundays, but now I'm pretty much forced to change when my sugars go up.

Frustrated one morning when I couldn't reach my doctor, I called the Animas/Ping help line and was connected with a nurse. After talking about symptoms and my habits for a while, we're under the impression that I scar easily and have a lot of scar tissue under the skin in my infusion areas. I use both hips, buttcheeks, and both sides of the abdomen.

I tried my thigh once about 6 months ago and I still have a visible mark where the infusion set was. It's really hard to keep changing every 2 days since the holes don't heal by the time I've rounded to a new area.

The Animas Nurse suggested the angled infusion set might help, but I used to be on those and I feel like they would pop out because the the little clear part of the sticky isn't protected and seems to come apart more easily.

Anybody have any suggestions? Experience this before?

I've got an appointment with my Dr. soon but just wondering if anybody has any ideas that can help...

I actually was just dealing with this! Terrible highs in the morning that would persist through lunch. I tried switching sites, switching insulin (thinking maybe I had gotten a bad batch), et cetera. Nothing worked so I figured it was scar tissue.

My first thought was to take a 'pump vacation' and give the areas I used for infusion sets a bit of a rest. But,I had been using 6mm insets and had accidentally been sent the 9mm by Animas a few weeks ago. On a whim I tried the 9mm and it helped a lot. I also do a high basal from 7:30 AM - 12 PM, and have cut carbohydrates out of my breakfast. I've been running 70-150 in the morning for the past week as a result.

It will take a bit of tweaking to fix this, but maybe try to 9mm if you haven't been using them already?

I'm on the 9mm, but I think that may be a bit too long. I'm fairly's possible it is reaching the muscle. I didn't think it was very likely, but I'll try shorter if that might help

It could! Animas might be able to send you a sample of the smaller, 6mm, size.:)

The nurse could only send what I was prescribed ]= I'll ask for it during the next doctor's visit. Or maybe try a different type of insulin too.... plus my insurance is changing...I think novolog is cheaper than humalog (which is what I'm on)

*I was really embarrassed because my autocorrect wrote homolog. ]=

^^ lol :slight_smile:

It's super frustrating. Sometimes I feel like diabetes is a fussy baby and I kind of have to throw a dozen solutions at a problem in order to fix it. Like "what? it the toast? want me to stop eating toast in the morning? ok, whatever you want just stop crying.".

(Lol, no worries. It's the autocorrect on this site - I just typed humalog and it did the same thing.)