Scared, Nervous... Could this happen to me?

So I'v always know that diabetes is a huge thing in my family, both grandparents had it and my mom has it, but for some reason I continue to think that I am immune. Which I deff shouldn't because I am hispanic, about 70 pounds over weight, and have such a huge background of it in my family. Recently we found out that my older brother is borderline diabetic and all of a sudden bam, it's closer than I think. As I talk with my brother I find that alot of the symptoms that sent him to the doctor are things that I feel alot of the time. I'v always thought that because my father's family doesn't have a history of diabetes I was alright, that my brothers were alright, it was such a huge, wake up, slap in the face. So I find myself scared because I'v seen what diabetes does to a person first hand, nervous due to my up coming doctors appointment, and thinking could this really happen to me?

Wow. Scared and nervous seems about right to me. But, look at you and what you are doing!! You are coming to a forum of diabetics and asking about it! That's awesome. I came down with D long before you were born, and I am still here (and I haven't had it as long as many folks on here...), and still thriving (see the recent thread about thriving with diabetes...).

Best thing you can do -- and apparently you ARE doing it -- is go to the doc and have those symptoms checked out. The very fact that this site exists means that a diagnosis ("dx") of D is not the end of the road, but simply the beginning of a new one.

Good luck Joie.


Hi Joie. Coming out of denial is a huge step. Congratulations for being so brave and strong!

Can it happen that you have diabetes, too? Well, yes, it can. But... but, but, but... by facing this possibility, seeing your doctor and finding out what's going on with your body, you are taking positive steps that WILL make an important difference in your life and in your health management.

Diabetes isn't fun. You know that already. But what you may not realize, yet, is that this disease CAN be managed if you have patience, persevere and do the work. Really, it can. There are hundreds of folks on this forum who can tell you important stories about their own lives and what they've done to be healthy, happy people who will live long and well.

So read. Reflect. Ask every single question that comes to your mind. And if you're diagnosed with diabetes, have confidence in yourself. We'll help you be the very best you can be--it's a promise.

I was the first diagnosed in my family. It is scary to have that hang over your head but I tell you I wished i would of known earlier than later. Its no fun being in ICU being treated for diabetes with glucose level over 1000. I had the symptomps but I did not know what it ment. At least you know what they are. Sometimes its better to face our fears because the alternative could be worse. Life does not end with diagnosis, it just becomes different.

You have seen what uncontrolled type 2 diabetes does to a person. That is important here. If you have doubts then go to your GP and ask for a glucose tolerance test. Basically you will drink concentrated carbohydrates and then your blood glucose will be measured at specific times. The reaction shows how your body can handle this load of carbohydrates. Take it seriously and act according to the outcome. Remember that most people do not recognize uncontrolled T2 diabetes as a dangerous condition. I find even the term borderline diabetic alarming. The trivialization is the biggest problem and I think with your attitude you will treat it well and proactively.

Wow, thank you guys for your awesome words of support and wisdom, it is amazing to have a website such as this and people such as yourselves to turn to. My Doctors appointment is on the 19th but I have already decided to cut out all junk food save for a coke every now and then (can't cut myself completly off lol) and do a little more exercise then just walking to class. I wish everyone the best of luck in controlling your D's and thank you again.

Good for you.

BTW, there's always Diet Coke and/or Coke Zero out there... might want to consider grabbing one of them the next time instead of fully sugared Coke Classic.


I think being informed on a potential disease is never a bad thing - but, of course, fingers crossed that you will be fine. :)