Scary Feeling

So here we ware… We know what foods and moods do to our little princess and we’re doing awsome with insulin till one morning… she had a seizure and i damn near forgot how to help her! But i remembered and shes doing awsome! I am glad for the lilly company!

That must have been so, so scary. I’m glad that she is OK now.

Was she low? or dropping quickly? I have heard that blood sugar dropping too quickly can cause seizures.

Hello stretched2thin, are you referring to the Glucagon kit , made by Lilly ??..I have been very fortunate in my 26 plus years with diabetes, no one has had to inject Glucagon .I get my box yearly and am able to return to the Pharmacy for disposal after the expiry date. But there is a sense of security having the kit in the house and we take it with us , when we are away from home , even for an overnight stay .
You did well Mom …

the glucagon kit was deffinantly a must. I woke up early one day and I heard her scream and I walked in and she was seizing. I was so freaked out, and her dad wasn’t here so it made it a tiny bit scarier. But we found a good balance.