Scary low just before getting sick

I am still new to many of these things. Yesterday I was running around at work and was running a little low in the afternoon, and then all of a sudden I started feeling sick and dizzy and cold and sweaty. Also confused. So I checked mt blood sugar with my freestyle meter and it was 35. I got out my other meter, the one on the Ping remote, which usually reads about 20 points higher, and it was 39. I drank a whole bunch of juice and got it up to around a hundred.

I started on my way home, by subway and train, and checked at the halfway point, and it was 65, so I ate a piece of pizza. Due to having to wait ubtil it was safe to leave for home, I got home extremely late.

About halfway through the night it became obvious that I have picked up some kind of GI virus, most likely from the kids I'm working with this month. Now I'm sick and miserable, but my blood sugars are pretty normal.

Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone? It was really pretty scary. It happened so suddenly, and I think I was pretty close to not being conscious, based on the difficulty I had just using my meter and getting someone to get me some juice. I would have anticipated having strange blood sugars while I was sick, not before I was sick.

Sometimes my BGs get wacky just before getting sick, but for me they usually run higher. That said, I have heard people say that they sometimes go low, especially with gastrointestinal illnesses.

But the funniest part of your post is that while reading it, all I could think was, "" Sometimes when I have a bad/stubborn low, I take advantage of the opportunity to eat something I normally would not.

Yeah, the pizza is the one bright spot in the whole thing. It was good pizza too. I actually pucked pizza because of all foods it seems to give me the longest sustained rise in blood sugar, usually a big negative

Sometimes, I will have a slice of pizza after a long run, because it's the one time when I know my BGs will take a little nosedive about 5-10 hours afterwards. Some people run for exercise. I run so I can eat pizza!

I do that too. (the eating stuff when ur low that u usually don't eat) perfect excuse right??? LOL!

So today my numbers are running high, even though I'm bot eating. That's actually more in line with what I was expecting on sick days. It was that business yesterday that threw me. How am I supposed to control for that? I can't predict in advance when I am going to get sick can I?

I always get low BG's prior to a GI bug for sure and they persist for several days after for me.