Schmoozing, Eating and More Diabetic Students

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A week or so ago Mrs. SuFu, Squirt and I had to attend the annual awards banquet for medical students who received scholarships for the coming year. It was pretty good, I was able to chat with a lot of now 4th year medical students who I took gross anatomy with. It was nice, I hadn’t spoke to some of them face-to-face in a couple years. One of the weirder parts was that I was continually asked because of my name tag if I was faculty. I never thought twice about having them write SuFu, Ph.D. on the tag, but I guess there aren’t that many 1st year med students with a Ph.D. I had to continually explain that no I was a med student and had to endure the standard “You’re NUTS!” comments about spending 13 years in college.

The food was ok. Because of the diabetes, my food allergies and my wife’s dietary restrictions I called ahead to make food requests. They were already making chicken and salmon dishes. You would think that since they are baking the chicken and salmon, placing them in stainless steel tubs and then coating them with cream-based sauce getting them to just stick some on a plate without sauce wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I couldn’t have been more wrong. You would have though I asked them for Spotted Owl breast meal sauteed in baby seal blubber with a side of truffles. It took a half a day of…

SuFu, Ph.D.