School and diabetes

I’m finding it hard to remember to do my blood sugars at school as its such a busy scedule I’m 13 and at secondary school which I think in america is called high school not quite sure bit anyway have you guys got any tips on how I could remember to do them??

Also even though I’ve had diabetes for 12 years I’m still finding it really hard to resist the school treats that are so widely available in school! Any tips on ways to resist the tempation of chocolate and jeely sweeties??

Any tips will be REALLY appreciated!!:slight_smile:

I'm not a big fan of chocolate but, if I'm going to have some, I'd want to see what my blood sugar is first and I'd want to have some insulin to cover it. It's a very good habit to get into. The person I sit by at work has a big candy dish and, occasionally, I'll have some chocolate in lieu of my Smartie/ jellybean mix but I don't think that it works as well when my BG is running lower.

Thanks any ideas about trying to remember to do my bloods??

Hi Sara,
I was diagnosed at 17 so I kind of understand being in HS and what you are going through. There is no easy solution to telling you how to remember to check your BG's. you just have to remember to do it. However, when I was first diagnosed I would make a small mark with a marker on the top of my hands (close to my thumbs) so when I reached for something (food) I would see the mark and remember to check my BG(it was usually a small heart or star ;) ). Now, I constantly check but I have a medical bracelet to remind me nonetheless.
As for the sweets they are ALWAYS going to be there and there is no way of avoiding them. But don't be to hard on yourself, have small amounts, choose what you REALLY want to have and try not to eat everything offered. One major suggestion I have is to exercise, exercise, exercise! It's healthy, it helps you use less insulin, eat a little more of the foods that 'are not allowed' for T1D's and it prevents weight gain.

Good luck :)

Hiya Sara_Louise,
I like boshra was dx'd in HS. My best advice is get into a routine, test at the same time every day and if you don't feel right; it is easier said than it is done, and I totally understand that. However, practice makes perfect. Just keep doing it over and over until it is second-nature ;)
As for the temptations...they will always be there (for me it is bread, I'd love to just sit in a bakery and eat a whole fresh warm loaf! LOL!) and the best advice I ever received was "quality over quantity" (that way you never deny yourself the things you want, you just limit the amount). Or find something to replace it that gives you the same satisfaction but is a healthier alternative.
And, boshra is right, exercise is key. If I knew then what I know now, HS would have been a lot different/better for me ;)

Hi Sara, How about setting alarms on your mobile? That is what I do when I'm trying to remember to do a BG at a specific time. Set it to silent so it doesn't disturb the class though! As for school treats, why don't you give in as a reward to yourself say once a week and preferably do a bit of extra insulin to help yourself through. Surely none of us are perfect, thank goodness!!

Thank you so much that really helps I think ill try the idea with the star on my hand :slight_smile: