School Field Trips

H Renaee,
My daughter is ten, and I have been going on all her field trips since she was diagnosed at four. The teachers and nurse feel more comfortable with me there. A school nurse should always go on the field trips. My daughter wants me to go with her usually. She gets nervous if I am not there. I was hoping she would be more comfortable by now. I would go if you are not comfortable with the teacher/nurse at your school. Sometimes field trips can be chaotic.

Hi Renaee,

My son started prek this year… I’m starting to know all about field trips :slight_smile: What we do (and have been able to do so far) is have either my husband or myself go with him. If for whatever reason we would not be able to go, the nurse would have to go with him. As far as I know, it’s the law where I live. But, we much rather go with him because honestly, I don’t trust the nurse that much.

Don’t mean to harp, but please inform yourselves about what the law is where you live as well as the Federal law that applies to all states. Please don’t assume. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the law has improved, that is good. There are many sites that you can visit regarding schools and diabetes and 504 plans and IEPs, like American Diabetes association, Children with diabetes, JDRF, and Wrightslaw.

Our son just finished Kindergarten this year. He did go on one field trip and my husband went with him to make sure he would be ok. However, if we hadn’t been able to go the school would have sent a nurse to go with him to make sure that he was ok.