Even though I have had some health problems I have been trucking along with school. Granted last week ALL my work was 5 days late. Thank god I have disability accomodations set up through the ADA for classes. I get an extra 5 days on everything including tests. I have a 4.0 right now. I have been able to use my diabetes experiences a lot as examples in medical law for various things. A lot of people in both my classes are just floored on how I manage to do college and be a diabetic at the same time, but as most of you know in here we don’t even think we are doing anything special just because we are diabetic. We have just learned to do things differently and have learned how to succeed at life as a diabetic no matter what we want to do. My instructors are great about understanding when I have trouble. The CGMS has been a great help with making sure I am stable before I under take any tests. I also adopted a tuxedo cat named Gizmo

He is a little cutey and the other morning when my CGMS didn’t wake me up with the beeping, he bit my nose when my blood sugar was dropping. One of the bad things about Medtronic’s CGMS is that it isn’t loud enough when sleeping, but the vibrations do wake me up on it. Ok I am off to do more homework, the joys of being a college student.