Screening for Non communicable diseases among the Elderly

I was priviledge to hit the roads last week to meet the aged persons in a rural community in Jos, central Nigeria. The essence of the visit was to carry out awareness on non communicable diseases particularly diabetes and hypertension. We then carried out screening among these persons of age group 50 to 85 years of age both male and female alike. The results we got was quite alarming. In sub saharan Africa there are no appropriate legislation or plan for persons who are aged. They are left at the mercy of neighbours and in most cases their children are distant lands away from them. This makes the beauty of old age seems like punishment. Lets get concern about these class of persons in our communities today. Rememeber that one day we will get into their shoes. I must commend RETAGE Foundation a non governmental organization who are our partners. The have successfully trained some voluntary care givers to take care of these aged ones. This happens to be the first of such initiative in Nigeria. Let us collectively do something today.

Thanks for your caring and above all educating …please stay in touch …I am happy to read, that some of your country folks do reach the age of 85 !! …are you involved with World Diabetes Day, November 14 ??