Scuba Diving with a sensor

So a week and 9 dives later, down to 96’ deep, my sensor survived the week. Putting a wetsuit on over it 9 times too. Medtronic’s 670G and the Guardian 3 sensor, rated for 8’, worked great. Silenced the alarms and left the pump on the boat and returned and within a few minutes the sensor reconnected automatically. I would set the temporary target for an hour ahead of the dive to 3 hours and made sure my BG trajectory wasted going low and all was great. The adhesive on the sensor is awesome.


Wow, thats good information. I wouldn’t expect that to go as well as it did. Go Gadget Go!!!

That’s awesome. Congrats!

I did the same thing about a year ago. I was pretty worried about it because it was going to be my first time diving after my TD1 diagnosis. But everything worked out fine in the end. My biggest problem was my own nervousness, but once I overcame that, I was fine.

I covered my Dexcom with some Tegaderm, which worked great. Once I got back on the boat the Dexcom reconnected and everything was fine.

I can’t wait for my next dive.

I have recently done a 45feet Dive for 35 minutes with the Dexcom sensor and transmitter with no problem. Once on the boat all reconnected. Will try the same for some deeper dives next week-end. Going for lobster hunting …