"Search" tips needed, please

I'm having a little trouble understanding how the "search" feature works. As an example, I put the term "$15" in the box and it brought up about eleventy-billion posts. The results don't include only those posts with a dollar sign and 15, but also just the number, 15. It seemed that photos with the number 15 attached were also included.

They results weren't listed chronologically ... or, as far as I can tell, alphabetically.

Can someone offer tips or instructions for more successful searching or offer insight into the way results show up? I'd be most grateful. I tried searching but, well, you can guess. :)


I hate to say it, but if you really want to do a search at TuD, you probably don't want to use the search feature. The search feature that is built into the TuD platform by ning is not very good. When I want to search, I use google. And with google, you can search quite specifically, just in forums, comments, groups and blogs. You can restrict to certain dates and make quite advanced boolean queries. Here are some useful search queries for google

"bsc mythical endo site:tudiabetes.org" - Search my anything with my name and mythical endo on the entire TuD site

"bsc mythical endo site:tudiabetes.org/forum" - Search for the discussion topic for the mythical endo

"bsc mythical endo site:tudiabetes.org/xn" - Search for any comment for the mythical endo

"bsc mythical endo site:tudiabetes.org/groups" - Search for any groups and group topics for the mythical endo

"bsc mythical endo site:www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs" - Search for any blogs and blog comments for the mythical endo

"bsc mythical endo site:www.tudiabetes.org/profiles" - Search member profiles, blogs and comments for the mythical endo

That's super helpful, Brian! Thanks loads.