Searching for an Endo in DC/MD/VA Area

Hi All!

I have been struggling to find an Endocrinologist here that is up to date on type 1 treatments / has a clue what it is like since moving to DC 3 years ago.

Does anyone have any recommendations - I thought I would start here.

I'm currently on the Omnipod/Dexcom system - because I basically decided my own treatment course.

Would love any possible feedback - thanks!

Well, take my suggestions in context. I am a T2 and have been on MDI for about 1.5 years. You can read about my search in the Northern VA area for an endo. I switched from my previous endo for what I consider to be really serious issues, so read through my posts, figure out my previous endo and avoid him like the plague. If you friend me, I'll send you my current endo contact info. I have also heard good things about a couple of others in the area that I can point you to.

Another way to find a good endo is to task other T1s. Visit a T1 group, there is an insulin pumpers group that meets at Fairfax hospital.

I may be too far from you (Roanoke, VA -- about 4 hrs. SW from DC), but I see Dr. Michael Koch with Endocrinology Associates. I have seen him for 14 years, beginning with insulin and mdi, then migrating to MiniMed pumps. I would recommend him or any of the four endos in the practice.

If you friend me, I will send you the name of the practice I use (I'm a little careful about the info I put on here publicly). I think it's a decent practice, not perfect, but at least the endo I see has some knowledge of T1.

But, I think you're already doing what many of us with T1 do and that's to find the treatment course that works best for us. All you need an endo for is to prescribe insulin and all the other supplies you need. But I've found that the DOC keeps me more up-to-date on current treatments, advances, and technologies than any endo. The one thing I do like about my current endo is that she's willing to listen and let me self-direct my treatment. She is also quick to ask me about new things I've learned about, which I actually like.

Thanks Gerry - Roanoke might be a bit of a drive for me, but I will keep it in mind!

Having a doctor who will listen and be part of your team can be really hard to find. My current endo may not be all up to date, but she listens and works with me.

Don't know whether it would be a perfect fit for you or not, but my experiences with Tanen (located in McLean/Tysons) have been very good. He's been great so far (2.5yrs LADA). And certainly pro-pump; he was suggesting I think about one almost immediately, even though insurance won't even consider it for a few more months. Good luck!

My endo at Georgetown University recently disappeared and so I started a seatch. Most of those I contacted do NOT: take patients with current endos (mine was still listed as current) AND Type 1s AND ESPECIALLY T1s with pumps. My PCP recommended a bunch, but none were interested.

They tend to concentrate on T2s....

I Googled and found NVA Endos: I have been seeing a doc from there (sort of) for over a year. Basicly, he understood that I need someone to keep my pump scrips up tp date. He hated the Carelink reports, so I am completing Excel spreadsheets for him (paper and pencil are next!?!), but he accepted me as a patient. I sort of feel like I am bothering him when I go in...

I do not usually find endos helpful. They tickle my feet, check my A1C and lead me out the door. But I need their contact for insurance.

Anyway, they are not bad, so check out the website.

Not encouraging, but after all my struggles, the best I can find who would see me.

I saw this endo early in my diabetic career, in particular, I saw the lead member of the group. He was knowledgable and thorough. As noted, he did things like checking my feet which most other endos never bothered to do.

But I found him to have poor bedside manners, not interested in me as a person, gruff and strict in his demeanor and as a T2 diabetic he basically told me to go away until my condition got really, really bad. In the case of the condition I went to him for treatment, he confirmed that my endocrine problems were a result of my treatment by other specialists, but he refused to intervene or even write up his findings. He just said "I would know what to do." Jeez, I knew what to do before I saw him. I consider him a "wussy" for not having the courage to help me and refused to see him after that.

I know other people that see him or his group and some are quite happy with the care.

As I said above, I don't really use him to solve problems with my Type 1, but for upkeep with my pump supplies. I see the doc you are referring to, and I agree that his bedside manner could be better. But I personally have tried several in this area (before Georgetwon) who were a LOT worse.

AND, he will take on pumpers, as no one else I contacted would.

I should add that my experience at Georgetown was wonderful. My endo was fantastic, but I never tried any of the other on the staff. I left there becasue of the hassle of making appointment, parking my car, fighting DC traffic, etc. This is a teaching hospital, so they are always on top of the latest and greatest. Plus they do research there, so I found it a great place.

I have also heard similar things about Johns Hopkins which is also highly respected and a teaching hospital. But I could never stomach driving all the way over to Baltimore. There is also a Joslin affiliate in Lantham, MD, but I've never met anyone who has gone there.