Searching for CDEs with type 1 and pumps and CGMs

Good morning!

I am a CDE who deals with type 1 on a daily basis (minute by minute basis).

We support our patients. We support the supporters of our patients. Who, then, supports US?

There is still a short amount of time to get a few of us CDEs with T1 together to present at AADE to see how we can support each other, some stories about how we care for ourselves while we teach, and more.

In the meantime, I have written AADE to ask them to offer a gathering of T1 CDEs before the actual meeting starts, but I have had no response. Therefore, it is time to present how WE fee, how WE deal with things and how WE can support each other. Every time I get together with a bunch of other T1s who also educate, it is a tearful, happy, empathetic group who know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Please email with your contact info, and I'll do the rest of the abstract application to speak in Philadelphia at AADE 2013.

Can't wait to hear from some of you!


Forgot.... please email/message so your contact info is kept private.