Second dia-versary!

My second dia-versary has come-and-gone, surpassed by a visit to meet our new grandson and enjoy the lively company of our 4-year-old granddaugter. Yes, there were BG ups-and-downs during the trip (due to irregular mealtimes, unfamiliar foods, not staying hydrated enough, etc.) but I had a lot of FUN and mostly didn’t worry about the challenges.

This past year has been more about my husband’s health problems than mine. He was hospitalized for problems related to a blood clot in the aortic arch and then 6 months later experienced complications following GI surgery (including a long stint in the ICU and a second surgery to close up a fistula). Through all this I have learned a lot about caring for my own health needs (physical and emotional) while caring for someone else’s. I feel like I am still recovering my energy level and trying to resume normal activities just as much as my husband is so our trip to visit the “grands” was both energizing and exhausting for both of us.

As for my own health care, I am happy to report that I started using the Dexcom CGM in November last year and saw my HbA1c drop from 7.5 to 6.5 percent! I had so much to learn about insulin dosing and timing that I felt like I was starting all over again in terms of my diabetes education. Also my CDE recommended that I stop taking Metformin because of exercise lows and now I have many fewer lows when I take walks or ride my bike, do yoga or yard work, etc. The Dex also has helped me respond better to high BGs, especially spikes that occur before bedtime (when I think the Lantus has tailed off). I plan to talk about using Tresiba* instead of Lantus and also Afrezza for corrections at my next PCP appointment. Hopefully that will mean more time-in-range and a lower A1c.

I still get angry about having diabetes sometimes and also tired of the self-care regime. Mostly I just get on with life, use meditation to refocus my mind, and try to appreciate the people in my life and resources available to me to take care of myself. I especially want to give a shout-out to TuD members for all the support and friendship I’ve found here! :heart_eyes_cat:

*Which I hope the 2017 formulary will still cover!


Happy (late) Second Diaversary to You! :champagne:


Jeeze—trying to cope with your husband’s health problems as you were learning to deal with yours. Actually, I can imagine: my mom was starting her dying process when I was first dxT2—she having a stroke while I was on the phone with her long distance about 6 or 7 months into my dx…

I’m so glad you have found tech stuff that is supporting you. I am not on meds yet, controlling with diet and exercise only, so my options are limited—but doable…

Brava, my dear. You are doing really well!..