Second honeymoon?

If you saw my status from November 14, you know how happy I was to get Eric off prednisolone and “back to normal numbers.” Well, joke’s on me – the numbers these past couple of weeks have been anything but normal. He’s been low, low, low. I have him on a secondary basal rate that’s 20% off his usual rate, bumped his carb ratios up so that he’s getting about 15% less insulin per carb, even changed his correction factor so it’s higher… and I still get a reading of 60 or lower at least once daily, despite keeping him to his usual meal schedule. Even 15 carbs of juice, uncovered, brings him to mid-range where it used to shoot him skyward. And our old standby, chocolate milk, doesn’t reliably bring him up and keep him up the way it used to. I considered the possibility of poor absorption thanks to the antibiotic, even thought about celiac disease, but a) the changes I made should compensate for either one, and b) he just got tested (negative) for celiac. What is going on? Can a kid 2 years out from his Dx have a steroid-induced second honeymoon?

This is the sort of thing that drives me batty.

Well, whether it was a honeymoon or not, it’s over. As of yesterday, he’s back on his standard basal rate and getting perfectly normal numbers. I’m still scratching my head over it.