Second Thoughts--Contact Detach

Overall I am feeling a bit lukewarm about the Contact Detach. I have to be honest and admit I have been pulling the adhesive off the connector site and just letting it dangle. I can't be bothered to wear a second adhesive patch on my already irritated skin. Of course, this means that I am much more prone to accidentally ripping the site off, which I have done twice already. The adhesive material is a bit thicker than I have used in the past but it doesn't seem to stick particularly well (still better than the Cleo 90 sets, though!).

I do like the lower profile, since it means I can actually lie on the site if I have to at night. However, I do find with the steel set the area can get a bit more sore than it would normally be with a cannula. I really wish I could have all the benefits of the Orbit Micro but with a lower profile site.

Testing continues...