Securing Medtronic Pumps w Packing Tape

So…not suggested by Medtronic and I can’t say what the impact would be to a warranty, but Neil is working with a pump out of warranty and wants to keep it going as long as possible. Has anyone used this trick? And PS, I love Neil. Brings a smile to my face every time. :slight_smile:

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That is one funny guy!

I can see where this taping thing would work for any incidental splashing - good hack!


Mmmh mine is also waaay out of warranty. I had to fix buttons a couple of times now and found some great advice and instructions online (yes, I love the diabetes online community) . Mostly humidity and of course: dirt.
This seems a really good idea, ill give it a try and will let you know. Yes, I have a newer pump but want to keep using this old no warranty stuff :smiley:

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