Securing steel cannula sets?

Recently I have been trying to find an infusion set that works better for me, and one option I am trying are the stainless steel cannula sets. In this case it is the Tandem Contact Detach sets. It seems that these as well as other steel ones I have used a long time ago all have a short tail of tubing coming out of the infusion site which has the disconnect point on the end. This design is leaving me at a loss of the best way to secure it. On the typical sets where the disconnect is on the infusion site it is really easy, I just cut a hole in a Tegaderm to fit around the connector. With the steel set there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a good seal around the site due to the tube coming directly out of it, and then there is also the separate connection point that needs to be secured. I am curious what solution others who use these types of sites use, and if there is any simple and elegant solution that doesn’t also mean taking up a lot of real estate (since I also have to have room for both site rotation, and CGM location rotation). Any help is appreciated!

i place an IV3000 over the set itself. the quick disconnect is secured to the skin with it’s own adhesive patch. Do not cover that connector with any dressing as you will disconnect for showering, etc.

btw, I offset the IV3000 so that it covers more on the side with the tubing that is attached to the quick disconnect, in order to keep any rising off my skin, of the tubing to a minimum. I say that because sometimes when I adhere the quick disconnect, the tubing between it and the set is sticking up more than I’d like.

So you don’t put any dressing on the disconnect at all? Doesn’t it come unstuck after showering and such? The first time I used these I cut a hole to fit around the disconnect, but I ended up having to use two separate tegaderms.

OMG, I have a heck of a time removing the disconnect after 2-3 days. The adhesive is tenacious. I’ve been using those sets for prolly well over 10 years now. they use some seriously tough adhesive. IMO there is zero need to try to secure the disconnect with additional materials. AAMOF, IF it were to come loose, so what? Not an issue if it does. I’ve messed up a couple of the adhesive patches whiling installing and I just let then dangle under my shirt. no biggie.

oh, and the steel needle sets are not “cannula” sets. Cannulas are those with Teflon tubing like Quick Sets.

How well a site adheres depends a lot on the individual, another case where YDMV. I have never had problems with any type of set staying put except in the case of roving door knobs that try to yank them out.

I didn’t have problems with steel sets but if you are someone that has problems I would suggest that you concentrate your efforts on the tubing attachment where the stress is most often applied.

I’m using contact detach. I put opsite flexfix over the main part and part of the tubing but not over the part that attaches. There’s no way I’ve figured out to cover it with out making it impossible to remove the tubing etc. sometimes if it falls off I put a thin piece of of over the edges to hold it in place but it doesn’t work well. Last time I left it dangling.

Contact Detach is the same as Sure-T’s (that I have used for ages). Only difference is the connection at the pump. I have only had the connector adhesive fail a few times in over a decade. Are you putting anything on your skin prior to installing the set and quick-connect?

I had been using skintac for a little bit, but I didn’t have a huge amount of benefit on infusion sets, mostly on CGM sites, so i started only using it on my CGM (which still itches a lot, but at least is held on better for a week).

Thanks for the advice from everyone so far. Last night when i replaced my site I made a little loop in the tubing so it kinda coils on top of the infusion point part, then attached the disconnect close to it (obviously since the tubing is looped). I used the same small Tegaderm HP oval I had been using, but angled it a little so it covered the site and the tubing completely. it overlapped on the disconnect just slightly. So far, I took a shower this morning and the disconnect is still stuck on well, so I will see how long that lasts.

Oh, and i did try leaving it dangling one time. It wasn’t bad per se, but it wasn’t optimal for me personally. But that said, it doesn’t affect the function of the site so if the disconnect point comes unstuck oh well.

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Here’s a sample of how I wear the Sure-T (similar to Detach). Notice how the IV3000 covers some of the tubing between the set and the quick-disconnect.

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Was this a reply to me? My post info showed that. I don’t put anything under my insets and I clean with alcohol first.

To the OP also