Security Check Point at Disneyland

I had a great time at Disneyland last week. Each day I went through their little security checkpoint. I carried a small backpack with a Lady and the Tramp bag inside that contained all my supplies. They always looked in my backpack but never asked me to open the smaller bag.
Until the last day--I had someone rather officious tell me "You need to open that bag for me. What's in there, make up?" He reached for it as I unzipped it and replied "No that's my Insulin and diabetic supplies." He leaped away from my bag (No sir, you cannot get diabetes by touching my supplies) and hurriedly waved me through. I was laughing hysterically while my grandson kept asking me what was so funny.

Now that's one hilarious experience!

Well, at least a snake didn’t jump out! :slight_smile:

LOL. I understand, though, that if you actually look directly at a syringe, it can turn you to stone . . . or is it a pillar of salt? Can't remember . . .