Seen at work

Ok it is rare that I have a moment at work when I realize my job is helping people. Working as a ramp monkey for an international shipping company I tend to just feel like a cog in a wheel. But twice this week I have been surprisingly impressed by who and what we are shipping. Usually we ship some neat stuff DOD equipment, a Bond car etc. but twice this week I had to do a double take and both times to many managers around to try to sneak a picture. One was a Evocontainer(Think giant cooler) coming from Novo NorDisk wonder what was in that and last night we had tons of stuff for the Medtronic corp, most of it looked like large diagnostic equipment but one skid with smaller boxes, around the size of moving boxes in it was marked Minimed. So if anyone gets their pump this week please think of the guy who was unloading the plane they flew it in on.

That is cool! It is nice to every once in a while to get the affirmation that what we do at work is beneficial and helping others.

Lauging! It is good to know that you are doing something useful!! I wish I was getting one, but I think not! There is only funding for 4 pumps a year in the UK where I live! Lucky people that are getting them and thanks for being part of the processs!

Cool! Good feeling & one to hold on to.