Self-employed insurance costs in California

I’m self-employed. I’m currently in NY, NY. However, I want to move back to my home state of California. What I like about the tri-State area is that there is no underwriting unlike California, and there is also no pre-existing penalty if you’re transferring into a new plan as long as it’s not longer than 30 to 60 days, depending on the plan.

I’m in the system here and am transferring to a Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO. I plan on moving back home to California (Bay Area) soon (a few months or so.) I’ve done the research and should I move to California, I can transfer into either Blue Cross or Blue Shield. I’ll have a choice because they’re separate companies there. When I called though, I was warned that the rate I’ll pay might be quite high. That’s an issue and it’s not like you can look at a rate sheet and anticipate the costs (that really sucks and I wish California wouldn’t allow it; it feels like I’m playing the lottery with my health). I’m thinking if worse comes to worse, I can look at Kaiser, but they underwrite too. It also doesn’t seem like they cut you a break for already being in a plan.

Basically, I want to move home but I’m REALLY worried about the cost of medical insurance. I’m wondering if there are other self-employed type 1s out there who are in California (I don’t think it makes much difference if it’s northern vs. southern California).

I’d like to know what the situation is there from folks who are dealing with it.

My main issue is cost. I know I can waive into the system, but if I can’t afford it, like it or not, maybe I’ll have to stay in New York (or flee to Boston.) :wink:

Feel free to message me too.