Self injections - Back of the arms

So I finally gained enough weight to use sites other than my abdomen. I’m wondering if it’s even possible to self-inject into the backs of the arms. Seems like it can’t be done (pinching and shooting takes two hands) but maybe there is a trick I might not know about.

I did it back when I was on MDI, but I was never much of a pincher, so I didn’t find it troublesome.

Hey Suftroml,

There is a good discussion here about that topic.

This was part of my response (with typos corrected) about the back of the arm:

Since you cannot pinch your tricep and inject, try this to get used to it: For your left arm, sit on the ground, bend your left knee at about 90 degrees so your foot is on the floor. Place your inner upper left arm on top of your knee and slide it in towards you. Continue to put pressure towards your bone and you will see the tricep area bunch up. With your right hand, insert the needle into that tricep area. Remove your tricep from your leg, and inject away. I did this when I was a skinny teenager, and I never had problems with hitting muscle once I figured this out. I always use my knee to get it in my tricep. When I didn't use my knee, I hit muscle a few times, and that is discouraging because it really hurts.

I would not use my knee, but lay the tricep area of my arm across the counter top edge, table edge, edge of the wall - whatever was handy - to get it to “bunch up and out” and then inject. I could do both arms this way. You learn what angle to place the needle for the injection too so as not to go to deep into the muscle. In a pinch and when I was in a hurry, I would just pop the injection into my arm without taking time to position - usually because I could more easily access as was in t-shirts and did not have to “undress” to inject!

here's a video from Bill, aka 1HappyDiabetic with a unique "wall" technique

This is how I put an infusion set into my arm.

I saw a video where this guy used a door jamb to pinch the lower side of his upper arm. Worked like a charm

I’ve never been able to inject in my thighs or upper arms. I don’t think I have enough body fat to enable it, but in truth, I probably just have not mastered the technique. Dr. Bernstein is quite lean and shows how he is able to inject in his arms in this video (, but in truth, he has a bit of bat wings. Take notice of his technique at 2:25 against a bookcase to pinch a fold.

what a great idea!! I learned something new today, THANKSSSSSS

Hang your arm over the back of a chair and turn it outward to pinch the skin.

Use the hand on the other arm to make the injection (just in case that wasn't obvious).