Self managed - uninsured type1 - receives pump - hope to start pump therapy


I was donated a Minimed Paradigm 715
it came with 80 quicksets (not lot 8)
and many reservoirs. I hope to obtain an rx from my doc for the pump and supplies.
who is not type1 diabetes experienced, and never really sees me or more than 8 mintues (Max), only sees my blood work and says whatever your doing, keep doing... all looks good, my last A1C was 6.5. I am on MDI (Humalog and Lantus) got my Basal pretty dialed in and bolus landings are descent.

I am wearing the pump but not infusing any insulin nor installed the quickset, just stick it on, to get used to wearing and having on 24/7.
wow, after 25years of Injections, wearing a pump is different.

So the doc to RX the pump and supplies, I contacted my pharmacist who is much more knowledgeable than my doc. to find out monthly cost of supplies after the 8 months of the ones donated provided run out.

I also contacted Minimed to transfer ownership and maybe utilize any warranty or support.

I have dived in heavy into the education process to become an expert on this pumps operation.

What I seek here is asking the TRUE experts here to look at my situation and advise according to your experience. anything to add is much appreciated.

The pump needs to be reset and is asking to rewind and prime. I cant access the main menu, for utilities and to clear user settings.

Here is the user guide for your pump:

I have been using MM pumps for a long time, and can't claim "TRUE expert" status, but will suggest you do the on line training provided by Medtronic, in my experience they require you do that before they will send any supplies you will need. I know you are 8 months covered but it's pretty good training and in your own time.

You said you "have dived in heavy into the education process to become an expert on this pumps operation" which is great but I think you need to find a trainer or CDE to help guide you in setting up your new pump. I have never had to reset a pump so can't help you there but not having access to the utilities menu is not okay! You should not have to clear user settings, you should just be able to enter your own.

I would definitely utilize the Medtronic resources online to help with your pump education but like the previous poster I would try to get a least one visit with a CDE who is specifically a pump trainer.Is your MD not an Endo? Most Endo's have CDE's in their office.
I would also recommend getting this book Pumping Insulin: Everything You Need for Success with an Insulin Pump by John Walsh. It helped me out immensely when I began with my pump 14 years ago. This can help you establish basal/bolus and how to test those, correction factor, insulin sensitivity, etc...But again, probably should see a CDE if at all possible.
Did someone tell you that settings had to be cleared? I'm just curious because I just recently had to return my pump for a malfunction and the phone rep had instructed me to clear the pump settings before I returned it. What I discovered was that there is not just a button push to clear settings. It's just basically zeroing out the settings that previously there. If the pump is asking to rewind and prime then it won't let you go to the main menu unless you do that first.
I see in your bio that your in Fort Lauderdale. Surely, in such a large metropolitan area, even in Miami there has to be some sort of clinic or resource for self payers where you could see a CDE for a discounted fee?

[CONTENT REMOVED] I used an old insulin R to fill reservoir, rewind and prime, then I could get the main menu and access the pumps functions which then I entered the same values that I run with "RapidCalc" software that I have been using effectively for 5 months. NOW, I am still doing Injections but I running parallel with the pump, software and pump calculate the same dose, I proceed with Pump dosing although no insulin is administered, just an empty reservoir and the quickset is on me but not inserted. I feel much better about this pump now that I have explored every menu and item through out the entire unit. I am excited to get started. I will attempt to get an RX in couple of days (if not I will still start pump therapy). I also realize my pharmacist can not get supplies for me unless prescribed. So we will see.


Way to go!! Where I live the supplies don't come from the pharmacy, they come from the pump company, or a durable medical supply company. And yes, RX is necessary. It's great to read that you figured it out. May I ask - did you clear the settings or was it already restored to the mfg defaults? Did your donation include the manual??

Yes the pump came with manual on CDROM which I used to figure out that this unit must be primed before the menu is accessible. I did clear the settings, although this unit was never used. The big unknown at this time is if my doc is willing to write me the RX needed for the unit and supplies. This Tuesday I will see him and by that time I will have been running parallel with the pump using rapid calc software on MDI for days. I am confident to use this pump. I have reached out to the manufacturer to transfer ownership, this unit is out of warranty. So if and when it breaks or faults, I will probably have to go back on MDI. Thanks for your response, I do appreciate.

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