Sending back pods

I had to send three pods back to insulet today. Two of the pods alarmed while priming and the third one the needle popped out just after I removed the plastic cap. Insulet is good about replacing them,however it is still a real pain to have to
go through this .

I feel the exact same way…2 days ago when I went to replace my pod same thing happened. 2 alarmed while priming and one alarmed right after I put it on. I agree its a pain but at least theyre good about it like you said.

Hi Mark,
Thank you for the reply. I know now that our experiences are not unique and I hope that more Omnipod users
will share their thoughts on this and other issues.

I too had many of these same troubles, and ultimately switched pump brands. I was getting many many “pod failures”- very frustrating, and they would happen at the worst times, and I am terrible about carrying extra supplies with me, as they instruct you to do. Its a great concept having a tubing-less system, but I couldn’t handle the alarms and pod problems.