Sending data

I’m the mom of a new Dexcom user (we’ve had it 12 days) and our doctor wants to see my daughter’s data. I uploaded the data from her receiver but can’t figure out how to save the graphs and charts so that they can be sent. Any ideas?

you could be really old fasioned like me and when you have the graph showing on your screen, hit print screen on your keyboard. then open MS paint and hit past and a picture of your screen will come up. then you can crop it to just the graphs. yes this is tedious… but it will not fail =)

old fashioned works too! Thanks for your help.

no problem =) let me know if you need anymore help. I received my dexcom in december, and the first couple weeks can be a little frustrating, especially if a few sensors fail. it’s all worth it in the end!

Based on your post I assume you do not have or use Microsoft Word. If you do then the Dexcom software will setup an interface to MS Word when you install the software. When you click the “Print” button when displaying one of the charts or graphs within the Dexcom software, it will open a Word document and insert the graph, etc. within the document. You can then do a number of things within the document such as add notes or other relevant information if needed. You can also save the document with any name you choose.

You may want to contact Dexcom Support and see if they can advise you about other document programs that the software will interface with. It’s possible it may interface to the document writer in Sun Microsystem’s OpenOffice suite which is a free suite of programs that are compatible with MS Office programs. I use OpenOffice myself and there is lot to like about it, especially that it is free.

The method Tara described about MS Paint also works, but is probably a little clunky and time consuming. In lieu of this check out a program called MWSnap. This is a freeware screen capture utility. When you have a chart or graph displayed, you can designate a key combination within MWSnap that will provide you with the means to quickly draw the exact area of the screen you want to capture and then save it or paste it into another application. It’s a very small program and works very well. The link to the download site for MWSnap is below.

I hope this info helps you. I, too, love my Dexcom CGM and can’t imagine life without it. My Endo also likes the charts and graphs it produces.