Senseonics implantable sensor vs dex vs medtronic 2017

it looks like 2017 is gonna be a busy year with all these sensors and products mdt 670g, dex, and now senseonics
have u guys heard about the senseonics implantable sensor? only implant every 90 days and theyre working on making it 180 days! so much less needle implanting and less stress. and they just got a 8.8 MARD, and u wont have to buy a receiver . maybe cost savings?!

u think its enough to switch from Dex? It seems like MDT630g is getting confused reactions too. with mdt 670g coming next year what do u guys think is the most impressive/important update coming out??

There’s a couple of threads about the Senseonics, if you search for them.

The big downside is that you have to go to the doctor’s office to get it implanted, and of course there’s a risk for more scarring as it’s a bigger implant.

thx i didnt kno it had already been talked about. been a while!
i see what u mean with downside, but if they can get it down to twice a year , i mean twice a year is quite short.
it looks like some members here were previously unimpressed with the accuracy and i just thought its cool that they just got 8.8 mard. I wonder if other companies will look into implantables or if theyll move to a patch like OmniPod. seems like a lot of innovation either way!!

We all know that some injections, whether pump site insertion, insulin syringe injection, and CGM sensor insertion can sometimes be and remain painful. For me that often means nicking a blood vessel. Not only does it hurt but it can also foul a site and impair a CGM sensor or a pump site. I wonder if the doctor and/or company will be willing to do a second insertion if the first one is painful.

An 8.8% MARD makes its accuracy competitive with DexCom. Anyway, this device is not yet approved for the US. If it were available today I’d wait to read at least the initial reviews.

This device requires a doctor’s office visit every 90 days. I get about 14 days for most of my Dex sensors so that would only eliminate five insertions every three months. Not sure the economics will persuade me.

IF the MARD is really that good, and IF the implantation process was truly unlikely to cause scarring or need to be redone frequently, this would be a very attractive alternative for our toddler. The fact that we already have to go to the doctor once every two months, the lack of a 2-hour warmup period every week or two, the fact that he hates having his “sticker” applied every week and having to field questions about his weird “phone” on his arm from fellow preschoolers, and the fact that we rarely get a full two-weeks from Dex makes me feel like this would make his life so much easier. Do you still need to do two calibrations a day with this?
Someone also posted about a device called Medtrum that’s approved in Brazil, which seems to be a disposable patch pump and CGM with a hybrid closed loop similar to the 630G.

Yes, I am in process of ordering senseonics. The most accurate cgm period.