Sensor Error

Why do I keep getting these during the initialization period?? It doesn’t beep or anything, but when I look at the screen, I get that message sometimes. It doesn’t happen after it’s been on and reading values, just during the start up time.

Anyone else?

How long are you giving the sensor to ‘settle’ in? Usually, I find one needs to let the sensor get ‘wet’ by letting it sit in your tissue before starting new sensor.

Minimed says wait five to fifteen minutes after inserting sensor till the time you connect the transmitter. I actually park a new sensor in the night before, let it stay in, connect transmitter in the morning. Works great!

Hmm…now that’s an idea! I waited 5 minutes, but maybe I need to wait longer. Now I am beeping that I’m low when I’m testing at 127. This thing makes me crazy sometimes!

You might also be losing connection with the receiver during the warm up period. For some reason the transmitter and receiver need to be very close together during that time. I don’t start up a new sensor until it’s been connected to the transmitter for at least over 2 hours - they usually start up immediately and I’m not in danger of getting the dreaded “sensor error” off the bat.

I was told by my trainer that some people get errors during the two hour initilization period and if I got any…to just clear the error and ignore because they dont really mean anything during this time. So far it hasnt happened to me, but she did caution me about the possibility and mentioned that there is nothing wrong with the sensor and it will work normally.

SO this is what I have done to do away with those nasty errors.
I put the sensor in then the transmitter but I do not tell the pump or CGM device it is hooked up. I wait 2-3 hours. Most of the time after that I only get a enter BG and away I go.
Some people even do this and wait overnight then tell the CGM it is hooked up.
Hope this help
be loved