Sensor pain?

I put in a g6 dexcom sensor a little over 24 hours ago. And I just got this pain at the injection site that felt like a dulled sharp pain. The sensor is on the side of my stomach. What caused it?

You may have hit a nerve. I’ve never had a sensor hurt but if yours is bugging you a lot, Dexcom will replace it, just as they will replace for defects, or user error, or for MRI removals, etc. Give them a call.

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There was a little pain at insertion. But this sudden pain happened 24+ hours


I agree with @Dave44

Call Dexcom Technical Support.
They are open 24x7.

Very rare, but you can get infections. I remember watching someone who said they wore a pod and it got sore and they had an infection when they took it off. I agree call Dexcom and see what they say.

Agreed, or the filament is pushing against muscle. I’d just yank it and insert a new sensor.

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Could be a bad spot. Has happened to me. Or the sensor was moved somehow.
take it out an use another one and call Dexcom for replacement.

If the pain does not abate after a few hours, you should remove and replace sensor. This is a very occasional occurrence for most of us but there are a few reasons it can happen as explained above. I don’t condone calling Dexcom for a replacement as that is a very expensive proposition for both you and Dexcom in terms of time, money and overall hassles, although Dexcom will cheerfully send replacements as needed.

Most of us extend our sensors, at least from time to time, in order to build up a supply of spare sensors for emergencies like this. It is far less stressful to just replace the sensor with your backup supply than to go through the replacement process, as long as you have a few spares in stock.

If you are having trouble keeping extra sensors in stock, by all means have Dexcom replace.

Just my 2 cents