Sensor sales "robo-calls"

On Friday, I got a robo-call from Dexcom telling me that I could order more sensors (that is, insurance would cover it) with a “press 1” if you want to order more. I pressed “1” only to learn that the pre-auth, hadn’t been done yet so I couldn’t yet order more. I suggested to the “human” that it would be nice if they got their ducks in a row before bothering me with a robo-call.

Has anyone else experienced this?

When DexCom handled my orders directly they never called me. It was all up to me. I did not understand why they would not solicit me 3 months after the last shipment. Now my insurance has changed. Edgepark Medical Supplies handles my orders. I control everything online. I chose robo-deliver. The boxes keep showing up on my doorstep without me doing anything.

order approval preferences

You can now manage your preferences of approving Supply Management orders below.
Please note that if your insurance requires you to approve all orders before we can ship,
you will not be able to modify this preference.
Does your insurance require approval on orders before we ship? No
Do you prefer to approve all orders before we ship? Yes No

I’ve gotten two such calls. The first time I was literally in the dentist’s chair. I didn’t recognize the number but thought it might be important so I answered it. The voice recognition capability must not be that good because it didn’t seem to recognize me saying “Yes” to the first prompt - and no, I wasn’t talking through novocaine. I eventually hung up.

It wasn’t until I got the second call that I realized that it was a sales call because I didn’t get far enough the first time. I decided this time to actually press the key for placing an order even though I’ve got 12 spare sensors (I typically go at least 21 days per sensor and have never gotten less than 14 days). At this point I was put on hold for several minutes and finally decided they were wasting my time so I hung up.

I’ve also gotten a couple of emails lately reminding me that I’m about to run out.

I am forced to order thru CareCentrix. I’m not aware of any preference settings but will take a closer look.

Were the emails from your durable medical provider or from Dexcom?

Sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been out of town. The emails are directly from Dexcom.

I don’t think this is a Dexcom issue – Dexcom has no automated ordering system at all. You must be getting this from a supplier - like Edge Park.

Nope, it’s Dexcom. My durable medical provider has no part in the ordering process. It’s always through Dexcom. When I pressed one, I spoke to a Dexcom human who ultimately said I should call the Dexcom person who, in the past, I’d called to order more sensors.

Hmm…that’s really strange because I just had this conversation with Dex a few days ago. I actually want some type of automated reminder call or even better auto ship. I was told Dex doesn’t have anything like this, and I have to remember to call in every month after we’ve inserted the 3rd transmitter out of the box.

I have had 2 of these calls. I only order from Dexcom. The calls are extremely intrusive and irritatiing because they call when I am at work and the timing in their system is WAY off and you have to talk back to it and answer YES or NO. I had just ordered so it was ridiculous to get the call at that time.
I am going to contact them to get me off their call list.

I’m in WA too. Do your authorizations go thru Carecentrix?

Hi etta v.
No, not through Carecentrix, (at least to my knowledge.) I don’t know who Carecentrix is. (Are they your insurance company, or someone your insurance hires to do this for them?)

I went to University of Washington Diabetes Care Center for education on choosing which model, I chose Dex, they gave me a rep to call, she was the go-between for my insurance (Premera Blue Cross), she emailed me forms, I sent back to her with my bG readings from my meter, she sent off, got approval/authorization, and from then forward, I just call or email Dexcom for new sensors. I was under the impression this woman worked for Dexcom, but she may have had some association with Carecentrix, I just never saw that name come up.

When my “re-authorization” came up at the 6 month mark, Dexcom mentioned that it was coming up, they submitted it, it got re-authorized, I didn’t do a thing. (I ASSUME it was something they sent to my doc’s office, they signed off and sent back)

All of us are probably going to get those stupid calls for a while. When I said something to the live person at Dexcom, he said “hopefully they would get the kinks worked out”

Hi WA State, my doc is Dr. DeSantis at UWDCC. Carecentrix is the durable medical provider that my insurance (Uniform Medical) requires I go thru. I’d always called Dexcom when it was time to order more sensors and that works just fine. I have the impression they direct you to a specific person based on who your insurer is.

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