Sensor sites for thin people

Request response from those with BMI under 22. My calculated BMI today is 20.4 and I am not as strong as when I was 21.5. I do not have any assist for inserting sensors. 2ce Dexcom has suggested that I find sites other than abdomen which is location of most pinch-able body and only location I have ever used other than immediately below ribs (occasional stabbing pain with some stretch positions).
Am I correct that an appropriate site is one that I can pinch and maintain a reasonably consistent amount of pinch while moving thru all body positions? If so, the only viable alternate sites that I am aware of are upper inner thigh. Am I missing locations that I should thoroughly check out and consider?

Hi JJM1:

I am quite thin as well and in a similar situation. Male 70, BMI ranges between 18 and 19 and could not make the Dexcom recommended abdomen sites work mostly due to compression lows.

On Medicare and therefore using Dexcom G5 Sensors I have found that the only sites that work consistently are abdomen center of body. I am a side sleeper so no longer have compression lows as that position keeps the transmitter from being buried into the mattress when I sleep in either direction.

Center of body directly inline between belly button and xiphoid process allows enough real estate that one week sensor can be placed low to the belly button and the next week high to the xiphoid process. With slight vertical variations each application as well as left to right by 1/4 inch allows for plenty of sites to give used sites a rest. There is also just enough flesh in that area to get sufficient pinch for a pain free application, most of the time.

I do my own insertions without any issues.

Would back of upper arm work? We have used that on occasion.
I have seen YouTube video demonstrations of how to do a self-insert with G5 for that location.

I have seen back of arm self insert video. Could possibly contort enough to get the job done (guessing the G6 would be simpler) but then sleeping on side becomes potential issue.

OK, guess I hadn’t tried ‘center’, instead had faced the sensor outwards, thus getting too close to floating ribs.

Tried that once and was a big Ouch + got compression lows there

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