Sensors & Insurance companies

I’ve been able to get insurance coverage for my MiniMed sensors for the last few years through United Healthcare. I’m in the process of switching insurance companies with starting a new job and have the choice between 4 insurance companies. Aetna, PacificCare, Premera & Group Health. Has anyone had success with getting insurance coverage for sensors from MiniMed through any of these companies? My doctor deems it medically necessary so I can get her to OK things from her end. Let me know.

Hopefully someone that knows will answer you soon. If it were me, I would ask Medtronic is they have a good working relationship with any of these insurance companys. That might give you insight into which one to pick.
Good luck with your new job and getting new insurance to cover things. What is your new job, if I’m not being too personal.

I am retired and work from my home for a psychologist keeping their software running smoothly and also doing all their insurance billing for her.

I can’t offer any experience with those companies but I’m actually going through the same thing myself. Had the CGMS covered with no problems at all with UHC and will be switching to Empire BCBS starting Oct. 29th. I’m nervous that they won’t cover the sensors. Good luck to you with your new job and getting the sensors covered!

Hello Kate – Just this week I ran across this Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Artificial Pancreas Project web page that lists insurance companies that now cover continuous glucose monitors and sensors. It looks like Aetna provides coverage to “all patients with type 1 diabetes over age 25 and those under 25 with recurrent severe hypoglycemia.” In my quick glance at the list I didn’t see any of the other insurers that you listed. Have a look and see what you can discover.

This web page provides links to each of the insurance companies listed so you can search on the insurer’s own web page for the answer to your question.

Medtronic probably knows which insurance companies provide coverage but the definitive answer would come with a call to each insurance company before you decide which one to select with your new employer.


I have read Aetna covers sensors on a case by case basis. Meaning, you may still have to fight. Don’t know about the others.