Sensors thought

Normally I would put on the sensor and then hit start sensor on the device. I always wanted to put it on a few hours before then hit the start sensor for the 2 hour start up time. Has anyone put one on in the morning then sometime during the day hit the start sensor?

unlike the MM sensor, the dex seems to be fine after the 2 hour wait. MM sensor worked better when waiting 8 hours. ( for me)

I’ve done it both ways, turning the sensor on immediate after insertion and putting in the sensor before bed and turning it on in the am. I don’t notice that much difference. The first 24 hours of the sensor is always off

What I’ve started doing is placing the sensor about 12-24 hours before I deactivate my other sensor … Then remove transmitter and apply to " warmed-up sensor " and wait 2 hours … I think it helps with the new sensor having improved accuracy upfront but not sure if real or imagined