Separate Insulin Regime for work days and and week ends

I am wondering how many folks have 2 different insulin regimes for work days and week ends. I have new job which requires me to walk up and down a lot of steps all day.
I did not think this was a big deal until I was getting a lot of lows not dangerous but not customary. This does not happen on weekend. moderately active ( unless exercising where i can go lower). Any thoughts?

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Yes, my thought is that a pump is ideal for varying schedules or activity levels. If you are on MDI, once your long-acting goes in, it’s going to be there for nearly a day. On a pump you can effectively change your basal levels within about a 2 -3hour period (give or take), should the need arise. I’m referring to the Temporary Basal Rate feature. I use the Temp rate a lot on my pump.

I use a pump and have different basal patterns for different days. I’m retired but have days when I’m working so have lower basal rates those days. I even have different patterns for different infusion sites.
This would be harder with MDI, but I think it could be done by decreasing basal insulin by one or two units at a time until there were fewer lows.

Laurie12, how do you set up different basal patterns for different infusion sites? Thanks

DonR, I have a Dexcom com so it’s pretty easy to see that I need more insulin when using my thigh or buttock so I increased my basal rates a little bit when using those sites. I did fasting basal checks to make the changes.
I’m sensitive to insulin so the changes are very small but they make a big difference.
Hope this helps.

Yes, it can be done, it just depends on the choice of insulin. Tresiba isn’t adjustable for example because changes in dosage take up to 3 days to take effect and linger. Levemir every 12 hours can be adjusted just as easily as a pump, you just cant make changes within those 12 hours or adjustments if the dosage still isn’t right which is where a pump shines.

Separate basal profiles is a huge selling point for using a pump. I do have different profiles for work and non-work days. I also had a profile for that two weeks before my period would start. It is super helpful. My problem was always remembering to change it when I was off. Post-a-notes work great as a reminder. Not sure how this has happened but I have taken to using them to remember to do a lot of things. I am also old school and use a written log book, so the post-a-note goes on the day I need to switch back basal profiles.

Thanks for all the replies. i will try the sugestions

Depending on just how active your days are, I think it’s possible that you may need to adjust more than just your basal rate. If your activity level is very strenuous on a regular basis, I think it makes sense to adjust your insulin to carb. ratio for bolus insulin too. Before retiring I used a different insulin-to-carb ratio for bolus insulin on work days than on weekends.

This may be an apples to oranges comparison, but back in the “old days”, before analog insulin and pumps and CGMs etc., I would inject a mix of Regular and NPH insulin 2x/day. In the mornings on work days (I worked as a carpenter) I would reduce my insulin of both R and NPH to 30% of my weekend rate and double (or more) my carbohydrate intake at breakfast, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks.

Point is, physical activity can significantly effect your insulin requirements.