Seriously, is it Serious?

How serious do you think the Beets is?

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Yea, it’s seriously serious. See your July 26 blog. But also, yea, its great to have a good “can do” attitude and not let the “Beets” consume you. Both of your blogs make a good point.

If you handle it seriously, it’s not serious. If you don’t, you can get yourself into some really serious situations.

What this means is: understand diabetes, respect what it can do, give it the care and attention that it needs. Do that - not with urgency, but as a casual part of routine - and you shouldn’t wind up in a dire situation. Don’t do that, and you’ll find yourself on a roller coaster without a safety harness.

Of course, this is an oversimplification. Things will happen (kinked cannulas, they gave you sugar instead of Splenda, accidentally double-bolused, etc), but for the most part, the above applies. It’s the old “ounce of prevention…” axiom.