Seriously!?! & Splitting Basal

So my endo calls me into the office today after finding out I am with child and hands me new bg log papers that also have a spot for 2 hour bg readings saying “You now need to test 2 hours after meals not just before meals anymore” bahahaha I had to try really hard to keep from saying anything back to him or laughing out loud!! Is this serious!?

Also just wanted a little basal advice. Since I am now expecting my bg needs to be under tighter control. I have currently been taking 3u of Levemir before bed and waking with decent fasting bg 90-120. But as the day goes on my bg rises I will be under 100 2-4 hours after lunch and then by the time I check my bg before dinner I will be around 130 and cannot get my bg under 130 before bedtime no matter how little carbs I eat for dinner. My endo suggested I take 2 units Levemir at night and 2 units in the AM before breakfast along with my humalog. I just now got comfortable with insulin and now theres a wrench thrown in it! I am nervous about splitting up my dose and having more lows especially since I exercise a lot.

Oh and good news! I applied for a Dexcom 7 and was told I would more than likely be approved in the next 3-5 days!! :slight_smile: YAY!!
Hopefully will get it just in time for those nasty first trimester low blood sugars.


Congrats on the baby! You’ll love the Dex. So glad you are getting one, that’s wonderful.

We’ve always tested before meals and 2 hours after meals for my DD, but ours was probably a more sudden onset. It stinks, I know. She avgs 10 tests per day.

Yes, I’m confused too, where you being sarcastic? Saying, of COURSE you test two hours after meals??

Actually, testing 2 hours after a meal is pretty much standard operating procedure for diabetics. Splitting the dose of Levemir may halp you reduce the bg issue you’re having in the evening.

The Descom is a great little tool. Now I can’t imagine not having it. :slight_smile:

No I meant I cannot believe he only wants me to test at the 2 hour mark now that I am pregnant. I am pretty new to insulin, started in February and they told me not to test 2 hours after meals because “I will be high” and to only test before meals!? I laughed at this of course as I test about 6-10 times a day and sometimes test even at the 1hr mark to see my spikes as well.

Yes I was being sarcastic meaning of COURSE I have always tested at 2 hrs! lol I was blown away!

That’s what I thought from your previous posts, but I just wanted to make sure…lol. Yes, now I remembered that idiotic statement: Don’t test because you will be high. Good control on your part not cracking up when he told you that you "now’ will have to test after meals! It would be funny if it weren’t so common!

Yep, I have a friend whose Type 2 husband is not only on NPH, but he was told only to test for fasting! He eats lots of carbs and when I was there Thanksgiving, we ate later than expected and he had a low (which I recognized, but he did not) and was really nasty. Needless to say I had other plans for Christmas. I can’t watch that stuff, but I fault his doctors too because many people just “do what the doctor tells me to”.

Yes, Lynne, that is the one down side to educating ourselves: The more we learn the more we recognize how little the “professionals” know. There are exceptions, fortunately.

Zoe, I had to laugh when I read your statement. I never looked at it as there being a downside before but I guess you are right. However, the upside far, far exceeds the downside!

Congratulations on the baby! I hope you get approved for the Dex - you will love it!


I probably would have laughed. Nice time to tell you this after all these many months.

You may not have lows splitting your dose at such a low Levemir dose since you’re now having highs. What I’m questioning is why he told you to lower your bedtime dose because less isn’t going to help your fasting.

That is so true about some people following orders from their doc even if it happens to be bad advice. Sad but true.

My bad for taking your original post so literally! Glad you are a step ahead of your endo. Sometimes all you can do is smile and nod at them, you know?

I agree. I’ve been meaning to do a post on whether people who manage their own numbers do better than people who work closely with a doctor and don’t make changes on their own. I think they do.

Sounds great, Lynne!

It is crazy the assumptions “they” make about how most T1’s manage their D… and I have to give you fair warning, it’s only going to get WORSE as your pregnancy progresses!

I’d also wager that people who do best do it on their own. Can’t imagine relying on a doctor to make changes with a disease of self-management. I’d be sunk. One endo gave me strict instructions not to do a thing without checking with him. Yea, right.

Would you recommend taking 3 units at bedtime still and 1 unit in the AM? Suggestions?

It appears you tail off your levemir early like lantus with myself. I was taking 6u with the same before dinner problem and tried splitting the dose as well and ended up with less stability then before. I actually achieved better stability by shifting my dosing time into the afternoon, the tail off from my lantus is now covered by a small portion of my lunchtime bolus and then I’m bolusing for dinner in time to counteract any delay before the new shot reaches full efficiency. Now I find my numbers are much more stable and in range.

I got mixed messages re: how often to test too. One endo said I didn’t need to “go overboard” with testing. But there are so many instances where I feel testing is just mandatory (like before getting in my car). Sometimes I think they just don’t have a clue.