Seriously!?! & Splitting Basal

Congratulations! On the baby and the Dex. And get ready for lots of changes in your insulin regimen in the next 9 months!
The Dex wil help you catch lows. Insulin sensitivity increases in the first trimester and then plummets, so just watch for lows now. But if you endo feels you should try this (splitting) I would give it a try.
I made changes almost weekly stating at around 4-5 months.

That’s terrific. As you said it probably really helps that she has lived with a T1. I don’t think you can really understand this disease unless you or someone very close to you has it. I think it would be great to have endo residents stay with T1 families for a week or so to really see how things work :slight_smile:

I don’t know how pregnancy effects doses. Ask your endo why he’s prescribing less Levemir during the time of day when you need more & less at bedtime that won’t help fasting when ideally you should be under 100. Hope he paid attention to your logs. My guess is that he’s thinking some of the bedtime Levemir will see you through the afternoon, but Levemir doesn’t tend to stick around that long especially at your low doses. Why Levemir works best with two doses.

What I would do is take the same 3 units at bedtime. Try 1 unit in the morning to see how that goes for a couple of days. If you still have afternoon highs, add 1 unit or 1/2 unit to your morning dose. Seems that you’d need more than just one unit to keep you level through the day.

Hi, Lil MaMa. I’ve done some experimenting with my Levemir split doses and found that one unit doesn’t seem to make any difference. Maybe that’s just me, but anyway for my second dose, I take 1 1/2 units (first dose is 5 units). With a little careful experimenting, I’m sure you’ll get it right.

You take 3u of Levemir per day, is that correct? If so the 2/2 split he suggests sounds correct to me. It is one unit more in terms of TDD. The split gives you coverage around dinner bringing your bg below 130 mg/dl. Just think of the Levemir as an Insulin that will work for 24 hours. It looses half of its potency after 12 hours. But both shots combine to give you 24 hour coverage. When the first shot starts to fade the second shot kicks in.