I am so annoyed with myself. Yesterday I forgot my morning basal, and today I have managed to give myself my evening dose this morning. WHAT THE FLIP is going on with me. This is summer vacation my brain should be rested.

Needless to say, my doctor just called and I have the rights to not exercise, eat 60 carbs at lunch with no novolog, have a 45 gram snack at 3, take no insulin with dinner and eat a 30 grams at bed time and oh yea... test every hour from 3 until 7.

would anyone else like to take over my pancreatic management for the time being because I am clearly an idiot.

:0( UGH!

Hahaha sorry I don't mean to laugh but I find it funny because I sometimes forget as well and I have no excuse! I have a monitor that reminds me and logs my doses! Sometimes when the alarm goes off on it I will just press the button to shut it up and think.. "I'll just do this one more thing first!" and then I cant remember if I actually took my shot or not. I think being an airhead once in awhile just come with the territory. I will make you a deal... I will take over for your pancreas for a day and then the next day you take over mine! LOL

I think I would actually be very responsible with someones pancreas other than mine...Maybe we are on to something!

After 40 years with Type 1, I can say that the management of diabetes shouldn't be that hard. But, sometimes it just is. I've had times where the control really becomes a real problem for me. I've found that this mild depression can seem small, yet ends up taking the better of me and causing me to mess up times when I should be more in control. You might ask your doctor about counseling too...