Set Change Reminder 670g

Does anyone know how to check the settings in a 670g to actually view the last time you did a full set change? For some odd reason it seems as if the set change reminder is a little off within this pump or maybe I simply dismiss the notification? I could certainly assume I would do this in the middle of the night.

I have a 670G; however, I don’t understand the term set change. Are you talking about the sensor or the reservoir?

Go to Status, pump , you get the last reservoir change date. The pump assumes that the reservoir and set change together.

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It’s actually in Options, Reminders, Set Change.

Ahhh thanks @Rphil2, that’s unfortunate because I’m constantly changing the reservoir due to bubbles forming in the tubing.

Note*I switched from Medtronic to an Omnipod years ago because of this and have probably tried every suggestion known to man to remove them from countless Medtronic Reps. :frowning:

Are you sure they are bubbles? I used to think that same thing with the tubing and was constantly changing just like you when a friend of mine, who is also a diabetic, pointed out that they were just “stretch marks” in the tubing. If you run your fingers over them you can actually feel the difference in the tubing.

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I guess i have never had this issue. I suggest two things. Hold the reservoir up when pushing the initial insulin the tubing. Then if bubble form disconnect at the site and use prime to push it forward again.

I so seldom have this issue, I am surprised you rise the issue. Maybe I need to look closer.

That’s incredible and I’ve never heard of that. I’ll test this the next time I see the kinks… I can pretty much tell if it’s in the morning and I can run the bubble right out the end of the line as there is an obvious delay in the insulin flow.

The wild thing is @Rphil2 is some Medtronic users never have issues at all. I wish they could take the bubble problem children and non bubble problem children and put us in a test lab to do a comparison study. HA

Ahh that would just mean half of us would have difficulty and the other half would be fine. Or, wait, isn’t that we have now? LOL

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