Sets sticking to skin

It’s been one yr since I’ve been using my sets and iv prep wipes… Been working fine til a wk ago… For some reason the sets aren’t sticking as well. They seem to be peeling off on the outer edges. I don’t have to change it, but it’s not reassuring…

Any advice? Any feedback? Thanks…


I tape mine down with a tegaderm dressing.

I use Contact Detach sets and the tape on those rarely sticks to my skin on the first patch, for some reason. So I always stick a piece of Hypafix over top of it when I put it in. I use the same Hypafix tape on my Dexcom sensor to keep it in for 14-21 days at a time (tape on that begins to peel up after about 4-5 days).

I used to cover the whole thing with a IV 3000 adhesive when I used sets that did not disconnect right next to the skin (we used to call these sets with a “tail”). But since I switched to accu-chek ultraflex, I have zero problems with sets not sticking. They never lose their hold, and are small on your skin too, which I find very comfortable. sometimes I need to get my husband to help me peel them off when I change out on the 3rd day. they are luer lock connection sets.

don’t use IV PREP!!! It’s got too much alcohol. Instead try Skin Prep. or Mastisol… I prefer Skin Prep by a mile. I use IV3000 when I need extra protection for sets and ALWAYS for sensors.

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